Go Heels!

For those of you who don’t follow college basketball, particularly ACC basketball, you may not know that today is one of the biggest days of the season.  UNC will take on Duke tonight at 9:00 pm in the Dean Dome.  I am a lifelong Carolina fan.  I’m also a lifelong sports fan (the product of growing up in a house with 2 older brothers).  My love of UNC sports was increased even more by being a student there (and, subsequently, a proud alumni).

In honor of the big day, I decided to make a little project.  Back in the fall, I saw this on Pinterest and was inspired to do the same thing for my college team.  Unfortunately, I never got around to doing it in the fall.  When I went to pull up the directions from pinterest, I discovered that it was only a picture.  Therefore, I had to improvise a bit on how I made it.

I couldn’t find a foam or wooden frame for the wreath, so I bought a pack of pipe covers at Wal-Mart for my base.  I also bought duct tape, ribbon, and wooden letters (although they didn’t make the picture).

I began by taping the ends together with duct tape.

I then continued to wrap the duct tape around the entire base, to give it a bit of extra strength.

Next, I cut several strips of the 3 different ribbons that I had chosen for my wreath.  I did it this way because I wanted a more crisp look on the front.  In other words, I didn’t want it to look like I just haphazardly wrapped the ribbon on there.

With a hot glue gun, I began attaching the ribbon to the base.  I did this by attaching 2 strips to the base.

I then glued the other end of the strip to the back of the base.  Before gluing the second strip on the back, I first attach another loose strip. (So that there are always 2 strips hanging loose.)

If I was thinking straight, I would have painted my letters before I started with the ribbon so that they could dry while I did it.  But I wasn’t thinking straight, and painted them afterwards and had to wait for them to dry.

Then I simply placed the letters where I wanted them on the wreath and hot glued them down.

As you can see, I made and added a bow (which I forgot to take a picture of, sorry!).  I also attached a small strip of ribbon to the back in order to hang the wreath on my door.

Now my house shows my support.  GO HEELS!!  Beat the Dookies!

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