Cake Decorating – Basics Class Final

Last night was our final night for the Cake I: Basics class that Megan, Caitlin, and I were taking.  We started the evening by practicing the ribbon roses that we had been working on the last few weeks.  We then moved on to practicing how to write with icing.  To do this, it’s best to have thin icing or icing that has had a bit of piping gel added to it.

Once finishing with that, we had the remainder of the class time (which was about an hour) to decorate our final cake using the techniques we had learned throughout the course.  Just like we did for the second class, we had to bring our cakes already leveled with the base layer of icing on it.

As happy as I am with how mine turned out, I wasn’t exactly creative or original with it.  I used the cake on the cover of our course book as my model.

The next course focuses on flowers and more intricate cake design.  It starts in 2 weeks and I can’t wait!

Until then, here are some other cakes from the class for your viewing pleasure….

Caitlin's Cake

Megan's Cake

I really liked the flowers on this girls cake. The colors were really vibrant.

The table with everybody's cake

One last shot of my cake, just because. 🙂

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