Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I love how last week, I thought I was getting better at the hunt and then this week, I had problems with a few of the prompts.  But, without further ado, here they are….

1. Crossed

From my archives, a railroad crossing sign along the Virginia Creeper Trail.

2. A glimpse

A small, square window in a door gives us just a glimpse of what’s on the other side…

3. Handwritten

I don’t do many handwritten things myself these days.  This is a picture of my travel journal from the summer that I spent 4 weeks on a mission trip in Ukraine.

4. Bliss

This is another picture from my archives and it is possibly one of my favorite pictures that I’ve ever taken of a child.  This was taken at my grandmother’s house on Easter of 2010.  My cousin and her husband had hidden plastic easter eggs all over the place for their daughter to find.  When she found this one and opened it up, there was money inside.  I just happened to click the camera right as that look of awe and happiness came across her face.  A moment of pure bliss!

5. Gray

One of the first things I thought of with this prompt was the gravel parking area at my parents house.  I love how the rocks have so many different shades of gray in them.

 Next week’s list: Routine, Music, Technology, Show Me Your Style, and Mismatch.  Until then, happy hunting!  And be sure to check out as many of the entrants as possible.  It’s always a joy to see the different things people come up with for the prompts.

13 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

    • So many great shots…the bliss one with the little sweetheart is precious and I LOVE those grey stones. All the colors of grey and texture are beautiful!

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