Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It’s that time again!  I’m becoming really thankful for SHS if for no other reason than it assures I will post in my blog.  This week was super busy, and so I wasn’t able to post anything else.  Somehow I always manage to get this done. 🙂

1. Routine

I have become one of those people who cannot survive without a cup of coffee every morning.  My Keurig, bought as a housewarming gift to myself when I bought my house last year, is possibly the best purchase I have ever made.  This is a shot of my K-cup holder full of my favorite – Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee. Yummm!

2. Music

Music from the clarinet was a big part of my life for a time (yes, I was a band geek).  Crazy enough, this picture marks the first time I’ve had it out of the case since Spring Concert of my Senior year of high school 12 years ago! Beside it is the flip folder I used during marching band, turned to ‘Hark the Sound’ which is actually the school song for UNC – which will come up again later. 🙂

3. Technology

Technology is everywhere, but my favorite bit of technology at the moment is my iPod Shuffle.  I started the couch to 5k running program on the treadmill 7 weeks ago.  I’m not a runner at all, so there were many times when I depended on whatever song came across this thing to keep me going through the workout.  I like it better than my iPod Touch for working out because it’s so small that it can just clip onto my shirt collar and stay out of the way.

4. Show Me Your Style

I will be the first to admit that, clothing-wise, I am neither stylish nor trendy.  In fact, my style of clothes usually consists of whatever is on the clearance rack at any given store.  One thing that I own many of, however, are Vera Bradley bags.  I have purses, tote bags, duffle bags, and a laptop bag (pictured above). While some of the prints aren’t always my favorite, these bags are the most functional I’ve ever used.  Love them.

5. Mismatch

As a life-long UNC fan, as well as being a former student/current alumni, I could not resist using this as my Mismatch photo.  It is nothing more than a screenshot of my phone after the spanking that UNC gave Duke on Saturday night.  After the horrible last second shot lost we suffered in February, I was happy to see what a mismatch these two teams seemed to be this go round. Go Heels! 🙂 

12 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. The shot of the clarinet is really very nice, and my favorite of the set. I like the way you set on a light wood surface to highlight it’s texture and color.

  2. I like your coffee shot. Haha. Get it?
    Ok. Anyway, I love coffee and have always wanted a Keurig set. Someday I will give to my self as a gift too… And as everyone’s already said, the clarinet pic is beautifully done!

  3. So many unknowns in your post: i am far behind the times with allt he technology bits and bobs around. And no idea of those coffees you show.
    You can play the clarinet! Wonderful. Wish I could.
    No idea either what kind of sport you are a fan of.
    Oh dear, such a lot to learn 🙂

  4. i agree… s.h.s. is a great way to keep yourself blogging at least once a week. and it’s just plain fun! your music photo is my favorite!

    i came via the link-up.

  5. Great job on Couch to 5k! I got halfway through it and kind of got stuck… that’s why I started P90X. Oh, to reply to your comment on my post, I got the speakers last year, I believe, but I bet they still have them. They’ve worked out well for me so far.

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