Cake Decorating – Flowers & Design #1

I kind of love how my blog goes from a post about weight loss to a post about cake decorating.  Can you say oxymoron?  But, like I said from the beginning, this blog is about me becoming my best in any and all aspects of my life.  This semester, I have decided to take these cake decorating classes from one of the local community colleges.  Who knows what it might be next?

Anywho, this past Monday, I began the second course (out of 4) of the Wilton Cake Decorating curriculum.  This course focuses on making flowers and doing some of the more intricate cake decorating designs.  In this first class, we focused on using gum paste to make flowers that could be used to decorate our cakes.  Gum paste is very bland (so it’s not tempting to eat, which is good) and it dries hard.  Therefore, even though it is edible, it’s mostly just for decoration.

After using colored fondant to dye our gum paste, we learned how to make and put together a flower that is cut from a mold.  You basically just roll the gum paste out to the correct thickness, place it over your cut out, and voila! You have your 3 pieces for the button flower.

We put the three parts together using gum glue adhesive, which is made by adding just a pinch of gum paste into water and letting it dissolve.  I liked my first flower, but decided I wanted them to be a bit more colorful, so I made some pink gum paste, took my first flower apart, and made the two below.

We then moved on to learning how to make a pansy.  You have to get your gum paste really thin and then use a (cookie) cutter to get your base.  You then use one of the fondant/gum paste tools to work the petals to make them curl.  You add an additional two petals on top, and you’re done.

For the first one I used just one color, and the second I used two colors.

At the end of class, she demonstrated how to make a batch of royal icing (which is one that dries hard) because we have to make some ourselves for next week’s class.  Can’t wait to see what all is in store!

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