Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Okay, so I have a confession to make.  I’m totally copping out this week.  It kind of blows even my mind that I did this, considering that most of the prompts are really accessible shots to make.  However, I knew that I was going to be super busy this weekend, so I cheated by using pictures from my archives for all of the shots.  If it’s any consolation, I did spend 2 hours of my only free night this week (Thursday) looking for shots to use.  Regardless, I still like all of the shots.  Hope you do too!

1. Water

The ocean waves crashing over one of the jetties on Edisto Beach in SC.

2. Light

The most natural light possible – the sun.  This is taken looking through the sea oats on the dunes at Oak Island, NC.  This island runs more east to west (as opposed to north to south) and so the sun doesn’t rise over the ocean, you have to stand on the beach and look back over the land to see it.

3. Chocolate

They aren’t very fancy, but here are some lovely chocolate cupcakes that I made.  They even had cream centers! (I made them from the Fun-da-middle box cake mix.  They’re AMAZING by the way. Just like the bought hostess cupcakes!)

4. Animal

While this isn’t exactly one of the nicest, or most cuddly animals that God made, I still really love the picture of this bee.  With it being that time again, I thought this would be an appropriate shot to share.  Welcome, Spring!

5. Crowded

 Every September, our town hosts the Lincoln County Apple Festival.  It is definitely the county’s event of the year.  This picture was taken from the second floor of the Court House, looking down at the crowded street below.


33 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. I, for one, would not judge. I know the feeling when you have no time. I was able to take a couple of new ones this week but most are archived. I love your set this week. Think of it this way, you can pick the best ones you have.

    Your water and light shots are absolutely wonderful!

  2. Light and Animal are stunning! I love bees. They are one of my favorite critters to get photos of. Great job finding one that held still long enough for you to get this awesome shot in!

  3. Hello, visiting from honeystealsgold. Love your shots. I like the choc shot and the lines from the grain in the table’s wood converge. Your bee is lovely. I have a thing for bees. Thankyou for your comments at mine. The last shot (crowded) is a close up of a chocolate freckle, with what I call hundreds and thousands, but I just realised some may call them sprinkles.

  4. Good job with the prompts.
    The waves of your Water shot are so awesome.
    Love your Animal shot of the Bee
    Wow that is a “Crowded” crowd.
    Your Chocolate Cupcakes look delicious
    and that Light shot is fabulous.

  5. If the meme police question me, I’ll provide a reasonable alibi for you. 😉

    These are lovely shots and I agree with everyone, those cupcakes look awesome.

  6. “Light” is truly stunning, and I love the bee photo, too! And, wow…that crowd…I think I’d have a nervous breakdown if I was caught in that!! 😉

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