Cake Decorating – Flowers & Design #2

Monday night, I had my second class for my Wilton Cake Decorating – Flowers and Design course.  For this class, we had to prepare and color 2 batches of royal icing to use as we made different flowers.

The first flower we worked on was the Wilton Decorator Rose.  This class was actually only supposed to focus on making the base and the first wrap layer of the rose.  However, everyone in our class had just completed the first course where we learned to do the ribbon rose, which uses the same base and first layer.  So our teacher went ahead and let us do the entire flower in this class.

And here’s another picture of it just because I like the way the yellow popped so well against the dark background. 🙂

The next flower we learned was the Apple Blossom.  It uses a smaller petal tip and we also had a flower template to use for it.  It’s a fairly small flower, so you only use part of the template.  The flower is really cute and  I think it may be one of my favorites.

After this, we learned how to make rose buds.  It is actually really cool to see this flower come to life, so to speak.  The problem is, it doesn’t always work out the way that it’s supposed to.  So, while I really liked the flower, it can sometimes be frustrating if it decides not to cooperate with you.

Finally, we worked on the Primrose.  It uses the same tip and template as the Apple Blossom, you just use the entire template instead of only half of it. After making the flower, you use a small star tip to add the center.

That was all for this class.  Next week, we learn to do the Daffodil (buttercup), Violet, and Lily.  I can’t wait!

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