Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This week has been super busy for me, so it was a bit difficult to get the hunt finished this week.  I’m also not completely satisfied with my photography this week.  I feel very much the amateur that I am.  Now that I’ve given such a stellar opening, here are my pictures.

1. Whimsy

Whimsy: odd or fanciful.  I thought this giant parrot was very odd.

2. Create

Part of the reason that I’ve been so busy this past week is because I’ve been preparing for my final class for course 2 of my cake decorating curriculum.  Here I have captured how you use the batter to create a cake. 🙂

3. Dust

I am a bit ashamed that this is my dresser.  One of my least favorite household chores is dusting.  Since I live on my own, I don’t do it very often (as you can see by this picture).  Don’t worry, though, I dusted right after I took this picture.

4. Seed or Sprout

Last Spring, I learned that the previous owners planted various kinds of lillies in front of the house.  This is one of them sprouting back up this season.

5. Swing or Drop

This is a swing that my best friend and I put up at her house.  We hung it on a tree that is in their pasture.  It overlooks a pond to the right.

That’s it for my interpretations this week.  Head over to Ramblings and Photos to check out all of the other great pictures this week.

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