Cake Decorating – Flowers & Design #3

Another night of flower-making fun!  During this class, we focused on three different flowers: the daffodil, the violet, and the lily.

First up was the daffodil.  I have to admit, while this flower is okay, I actually prefer the way that this flower looks before you manipulate the petals and add the center.  That, of course, makes it a plain 6 petal flower, but it was pretty.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of that. 

Next we learned how to make the violet.  This is the smallest of all of the flowers that we learned to make.  It has 3 small petals and then 2 other even smaller petals.

Finally, we learned how to make a lily.  Unfortunately, my icing had softened up a little bit too much and so it wasn’t making quite like it should.  They still turned out pretty good though.

My last class is tonight.  We will be learning how to do the basket weave design on the side of our cakes.  Once we learn that technique, we will use the remainder of our class time to decorate our final cakes.  I have pre-made a lot of apple blossom flowers (which we learned how to make in the second class) to decorate it with.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of the last class some time this week.

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