Cake Decorating – Flowers & Design Final

This past Monday, I had my final class for the Wilton Cake II – Flowers course at the local community college.  We started the class by learning 2 new techniques and then we spent the remainder of the time decorating our final cakes.

To start, we learned how to do the reverse shell border.  It is slightly different than the shell border that we learned how to do in the first course, as it has a bit of a curve in the top of the shell.

Next, we learned how to do a basket weave design with our icing.  It looks really intricate, but it’s actually fairly easy.  First we practiced on our practice boards.

Our teacher then gave us slips of paper to use so that we could mark the cakes that we had baked and prepped for decorating.  The cakes are marked so that the basket weave is even and you don’t have some lines close together while others have huge gaps.

After marking the cake, you use a spatula to make lines on your cake.  Basically, you just press it into the side at every mark you made.  This gives you a straight line to put your icing on so that your basket weave is not crooked.

After completing the basket weave design, it was time to decorate!  I used several apple blossom flowers and a few primrose flowers that I had made ahead of time (we were taught how to make these in the second class).

Almost done!

I actually used all of my icing on the basket weave and border, so I borrowed some green icing from a classmate and added some leaves to my flowers.  Here’s the finished product:

Here’s one last shot.  It’s my cake plus those of the four other ladies that took the class with me.

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