Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’m a little late with my Scavenger Hunt post because I couldn’t find my USB cord for my camera (and the dslr memory card does not fit into the tiny slots on the computer).  I was almost panicked!  Then I started cleaning up the house to start prepping for the family coming for Easter and Viola! There it was.  Right on the dining room table…..where else would it be? 🙂

1. Clouds

I was so disappointed in my cloud selections all week, but I went outside and saw these thunderheads building up on Saturday evening and had to share one.

2. Sun flare

I love how absolutely beautiful everything is this time of year.  Spring is such a pretty season.  Here’s a picture looking up at a Dogwood Tree with a nice little sun flare peeking through.

3. Seven

It’s kind of ridiculous how many things I went around counting this week to see if there were seven of them.  Thing is, there’s usually not.  It seems that most things come in even numbers (found a lot of them) but not odd.  In the end, I had to be less creative and settle for a picture from my license plate.

4. High Angle

Of the pictures I took this week from a “high” angle, I chose this one.  I kind of love my quaint little hometown and the small bit of it’s every day hustle and bustle.  I took this from the 3rd story of our courthouse.

5. Low Angle

This is our town courthouse, built in the 1920’s.  I took it from a crouching position under one of the pretty cherry trees in the front lawn.

That’s it for me this week.  Click the link below to check out other great photographers and their interpretations.

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