I Did It….

Yesterday, I took the plunge.  I signed up for my first 5k race.  And I’m extremely nervous.  Why?  Because I know I’ve not been diligent in my training.

I finished the Couch to 5k program two weeks ago and haven’t been very disciplined in my running since then.  The biggest reason is that I was trying to shift from running on the treadmill (which was how I did the entire 9 week program) to running outside.  I’m sure there are many who will disagree, but let me tell you one thing I’ve learned the past two weeks: running outside sucks.  A lot.

The first time I did it, I seriously felt like my lungs were going to explode.  I don’t exactly know what it is that’s so different.  I know that concrete/asphalt is obviously more solid and, therefore, is more jarring to your body than the forgiving bounce of a treadmill.  I know that there’s no way to keep the even, set pace that the treadmill gives.  And then you have the other factors such as the heat/humidity outside and the oh-so-fun pollen/allergy element.  I wasn’t able to run/jog for 30 minutes straight like I had been doing on the treadmill, but even with doing intervals of jogging and walking, I still completed a little over 2 miles in 30 minutes (which was basically even with what I was doing with straight jogging on the treadmill).

The second time was slightly better.  To begin, the temperature outside was about 20 degrees cooler which made a load of difference.  I was able to jog for at least 1/2 mile before I had to stop and walk and then continue in intervals for the remainder.  I did 2 miles in 28 minutes (so…slight improvement).  Regardless of it being a little bit better, I still had the ‘my lungs are going to explode’ feeling.  When I got in my car to drive home, it hurt to take in a deep breath and I had a wheezing type cough for at least a day.  Is there such a thing as exercise asthma??  I never had any problems when doing it on the treadmill, but every time I run outside, I have this problem.

These two paragraphs sum up my problem.  Two times.  I have only run TWO times in the last two weeks.  Once each week.  And now I’ve signed up to do 3.1 miles!  Since I signed up yesterday, I have committed to start training for the race.  This will be hard because I have so much to do this week (my family is coming to MY house for Easter, so I have to get myself and my house ready for it!).  But even if all I do is 1 mile a day, I’m going to do it.

I don’t have lofty goals for my 5k.  My main goal is just to finish it.  My second goal is to finish in 40-45 minutes, which would be a 13-15 minute mile (see….not lofty).  I have a feeling that my story might end up being a lot like the one that Michelle Longo shared a few weeks ago at Yeah Write.  The only difference is that the race takes place on a trail at a park and so I have the assurance that, even with being last, at least I won’t have to be followed by the ambulance. 

Any prayers or good thoughts sent my way will be very much appreciated.  I’m sure I will post again in a couple of weeks to let you all know how it went!

Linking up with Yeah Write again.  They’re seriously one of the most amazing (and supportive) community of bloggers around.  Click the link above and go check out all of the truly amazing writers and storytellers that link up there!

26 thoughts on “I Did It….

  1. Yay for you! I am training for a 5k also. I don’t remember what one it is, but it’s the same one my husband is going to run. I did the couch to 5K la.st year and only made is to week 7 because I hated it. HATED IT! But I wanted to give it another go. You and a few others have inspired me to try it again. I ran outside the last time I did the C25k. This time hasn’t been as bad for me but have been on the treadmill. After reading this I bet the same reasons apply for me. I am getting ready transition to running outside and not looking forward to it. Congrats again. So proud of you.

  2. Good luck with your training! I agree that running on a treadmill is way easier!! Hope your transition continues to get easier

  3. I parrot everybody else by saying good for you! And you can totally run a 5K even if outside running is a gazillion times harder than running on a treadmill. You might want to find a running buddy—definitely makes the miles fly by, keeps you honest, and makes you go. Good luck. Can’t wait to hear about your triumph. Erin

  4. My dad was a marathon runner and he told me the hardest run he ever did was his firs 2 miles. So, I guess there’s just a hump to get over and then it gets easier. Good for you for doing this!!

  5. Good for you!!! Although I’m the opposite and HATE running on treadmills, but your body WILL adapt to the great outdoors, and when it does, I bet you will feel caged in on the treadmill. Running outside actually gives you a better work out too, since you have the wind force working against you.
    Hang in there…it does get easier!!!

  6. GREAT for you! I tried c25k and hurt my knees. Felt like a big fat failure. So I switched to yoga and managed to get in better shape, although I’m sure the zombies aren’t going to care that I can hold dance pose for 2.5 minutes without falling over, they’ll just be happy I can’t run more than 100 yards without falling over.

    Best of luck on your 5k!

  7. Running outside does take some adjusting. I know runners will say they prefer the outside, I prefer the treadmill. You’ll do just fine. Train as much as you can. You have set a goal for yourself so that will keep you motivated. I also have found that signing up for a race will keep you very motivated as well an far in front of an ambulance. -LV

  8. Michelle’s post was inspiring, wasn’t it? But I’m not going to be signing up for a race or anything. . .however, I’ll be cheering you on from my couch. Good for you! One foot in front of the other, etc.! At the very least, may you get a great blog post out of it.

  9. Aww – thank you for the shout out! I feel so honored! Good for you for signing up. I so hope it doesn’t turn out like mine did. Do yourself a favor and make sure it’s not all up hill the whole way 🙂 Running outside does suck compared to a treadmill right? I love the treadmill because your only choices are to keep running, fall off or admit defeat and slow it down. I will choose keep running. But not outside for some reason. Good luck and I can’t wait to hear how it turns out! I’m sure you’ll be great!!

  10. Congrats on even trying! I was the worst runner ever when I was younger – always the last one to finish my laps. It was just harder for me. Then after my first was born, I hated being so awful at something for no reason I could discover so I just forced myself to do it. Running is wonderful because you can truly feel yourself making progress with each run. Of course, I have only run once in the past 14 months after my second was born. So now I’m a total lazy a@@!

  11. I’m sure you will do great. Running outside is awful. On the day of the race, you will feel more adrenalin and motivation to keep up with the other runners.

    If it makes you feel better, I signed up for a 10K in June and I have not seen the inside of a gym or my sneakers for 3 weeks. You are much more diligent than I am!

  12. I’m so proud of you Miranda~ Just know that whatever the outcome you are still a winner; most people wouldn’t entered the race. You’ve been such an inspiration to me, HOPEFULLY in the fall I can run one with you!

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