Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Yay!  Another week of hunting.  And it seems especially appropriate this week with all of the other Easter Hunts going on.  Here are my interpretations:

1. New

Spring is one of my favorite times of year.  Here’s a picture of some new leaves beginning to sprout on a tree.

2. Life

On this day, I am especially reminded that I have new life in Christ because of his death on the cross and subsequent resurrection.

3. Fragrant

There were so many things that I thought of for this prompt.  But, in the end, I decided to pay homage to the wonderful invention that keeps the fragrance of cupcakes in my house all the time: my Bath & Body Works Wallflower.

4. Pink

I love dogwoods in general (it’s the state flower, how could I not?).  Pink dogwoods are my favorite and I thought it was especially fitting for Easter.

5. Obvious

Really?  The road is closed?  I mean, the fact that THERE IS NO MORE ROAD kind of made that obvious to me.  But I guess for those other people (who probably shouldn’t have a driver’s license), thanks for the sign and excessive amounts of barriers.

Now go to Ramblings & Photos and check out all the others!

13 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. FRAGRANT — good thing you explained what your picture was! I was stumped by the angle & trying to figure out what it was.
    Spring is indeed beautiful!

  2. Nice set:
    Love your Life shot – Perfect for Easter Sunday
    Pink was lovely and
    Obvious cracked me up, too funny.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Yes, anybody can play! Just click on the link above to get to Ashley’s site “Ramblings & Photos.” The prompts for the week are there, so you just take your pictures, post them, and link up from Sunday – Tuesday. 🙂

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