Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Simple

I love the simple beauty of looking out into a field and seeing wild daisies scattered around.  It always reminds me of “You’ve Got Mail” and Meg Ryan’s character saying that daisies were such a friendly flower.

2. Grain

Have you ever noticed that no two pieces of wood ever look the same?  There’s always at least a slight difference in the grain.

3. Transportation

In some parts of my home county (and possibly in some parts of the US), this might be considered appropriate transportation.

4. Stitch

I decided to be less creative with this one.  I think it speaks for itself. 🙂

5. Bubble(s)

I think today might have been North Carolina’s most windy day of 2012, so getting the bubble shot that I wanted was nearly impossible.  And then, of the ones I took, I couldn’t choose between these two pictures and so you get both.  The first is of some bubbles floating into the sky.  The second is a bubble wand.

Now head over to Ashley’s Ramblings and Photos to check out the other finds!

10 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. These are all really great.
    Grain – See I didn’t even think of wood grain – good thinking
    Bubbles – I like them both but love that pink wand
    Simple – This shot is my favorite
    Transportation – Again a tractor is so unexpected, especially to a city girl
    Stitch – I liked this one too a lot.

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