Scavenger Hunt Sunday

By now you know that Sunday on my blog = Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday post.  Here are my interpretations for the prompts this week!

1. Yellow

A double dose of yellow!  Not only is the casing of the stoplight yellow, but I caught it while the actual yellow caution light (aka the gas it and try to make it light) was lit up.

2. Something that makes or made you smile

Making another appearance in my scavenger hunt (although it has been two months since his last appearance) is my dog, Baxter.  He makes me smile on a daily basis.  Even his annoying habits, like staring at you non-stop until you take him for his 3rd walk of the evening or laying his head on your shoes because he doesn’t want you to leave, are still kind of cute.

3. Ancient or Antique

So….what do you do when you own no antiques and have a scavenger hunt photo to take?  You visit an antique store, of course!  I really liked this violin/fiddle (we’re in the South, so it was tagged as a fiddle) and it’s beat up, old case.  But I also liked this silver tea set, so I had to include this second picture as well.

4. Splash

My Pinterest-inspired flower pots that I put together are a nice splash of color against the fairly drab color pallette of the outside of my house (it has gray siding and black shutters).

5. In the Sun

I don’t know what it was about this dandelion standing alone in the yard.  But the way that the sun was hitting it as it began to set had me itching to take a picture of it….literally, because I had to sprawl out in the grass to try and get low enough to catch both the dandelion and a bit of the sun.

That’s it for my interpretations this week.  Click the button below to check out many other amazing photographers and their interpretations!

20 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. Those are all wonderful shots! I love the creative idea for yellow, and the dandelion shot is beautiful! I was laying in the grass for dandelion pictures myself the other day. 🙂

  2. Your efforts were worth it! That dandelion is beautiful. The sun flare balances it perfectly. That dandelions in my yard are definitetly not that pretty!

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