Cake Decorating: Gum Paste & Fondant #3

I’ve been working on setting up my blog on my new domain here, so I’m super behind on actually posting stuff.  I’m gonna start trying to rectify that this afternoon.

During the third class of the Wilton Gum Paste and Fondant course, we learned how to make daisies and mums and we also worked on decorating with in-lays and over-lays.

To start class, we worked on making daisies.  For this, you roll out the gum paste to less than 1/16″ thick.  You can either use the larger daisy cutter for both pieces, or you can combine the larger cutter with the smaller cutter (I prefer the latter because it makes a prettier daisy).    After cutting it out, you transfer the gum paste to your thin shaping foam and use the veining tool to curve each petal.

After doing this to both cut-outs, use gum glue adhesive to put the two pieces together.  Do this with your petals being off-set so that the flower looks more realistic and full.

You then take a small piece of gum paste that you have dyed yellow, form it into a ball, cover one side with gum glue adhesive, and dip that into yellow sugar sprinkles.  You then place a small bit of gum glue adhesive into the center of your daisy and place the yellow center you made on it to finish.

Next, we worked on making our mums.  I will admit that this did look a lot better in person than it did in the book.  But, that being said, it is still my least favorite of all the flowers.  You begin by cutting out 6 of your daisy cut-outs.

One at a time, you place your cut-out on your thim shaping foam and use the blunt end of your point/knife tool to make each petal curl up.

Once you have curled a petal, add it to your base with gum glue adhesive.  The pictures show what it looks like with 2 layers and then what it looks like with all 6 layers done.

Finally, we practiced doing in-lays and over-lays with our fondant.  To me, this was the easiest thing we’ve done in class.  After all, most of us played with play-dough when we were kids, right?  These were my flower in-lays made from purple and yellow fondant.

That was it for this class!  The next class is the final class where we will learn how to cover our cake with fondant and make a few different borders using the scalloped cutter.


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