Cake Decorating: Gum Paste & Fondant Final

This past Monday was the last class in my final Wilton Cake Decorating course.  That was a moment that made me both sad and happy at the same time.  In this class, we learned how to make a decorative border using a scalloped cut-out, how to make fondant beads to be used as a border, and how to cover a cake in fondant.

The first border that we learned used a scalloped cut-out.  With this cut-out, you can make it have an eyelet lace look (like Megan did for her final cake), or you can use a veining tool to soften the edges the same way we learned how to do so for the carnation in the second class.

We also learned about making a fondant bead border.  The basic concept of this is simple because it’s just like playing with play-dough and rolling up little balls of fondant.  The tip that we learned for this was to use the circle cut-outs to make these so that each bead would be the same size.  Using our cut-outs, we worked on 4 different sizes of beads.

For the remainder of the class time, we covered our cakes in fondant and then decorated them.  We had to bring our cakes already baked and leveled with a smooth layer of buttercream icing on it.  This all happened so fast that I didn’t take any pictures of the process, but I have included pictures of everybody’s final cake below.


My final cake.


Megan’s final cake.


Sherry’s final cake (Megan and I were so jealous of hers).


All of our cakes.

I had tons of fun taking these classes.  If any of you ever get a chance to take the Wilton Method courses, I would suggest that you do so.

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