Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I’m a little late posting this week, but I’m still in time for the link-up, so that’s all that matters.  Here are my pictures for this week’s prompts…..

1. Rainbow

It’s been raining a lot here the past couple of weeks which is bad for the frizz factor of my hair, but good for the possibility of rainbow pictures. 🙂  This is the only one I was able to capture….2 others were too faint.


2. Fluffy

Baxter loves snuggling in his big, fluffy dog bed…..even when it’s all squished between the driver’s and passenger’s seat in the car!

3. Letters

So my mind automatically went to letters of the alphabet on this one instead of mailed letters.  Here’s a shot of the lettering on the fire truck that I took while visiting my dad, brother, and cousin there this week.

4. Metal

On Sunday, we had a family reunion type dinner.  We do this one every year…..picnic style at the old homeplace.  While there, my dad, a few cousins, and I decided to trek through the woods/overgrown path to see what the barn looked like now.  Decided to take a shot of the metal exterior for this prompt.


5. Tree(s)

This tree is in my neighbor’s front yard and I love it.  I feel like there should be some magical world hidden inside underneath it’s whispy hanging branches.


That’s all for me!  Check out the other pictures from this week at Ramblings & Photos!

3 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. What a beautiful rainbow! I haven’t seen a real one in a while! Hopefully we’ll get some real rain around here soon. And I’m with you on the letters… I guess it never occurred to me that she meant letters, like in the mail! lol Great set of pics!

  2. Love that you were able to post a real rainbow, especially one so vibrant. And that tree is awesome. I know what you mean about something magical happening there. I can see it, too!

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