Guess What Wednesday

Okay, I’m a little late on this one….2 weeks to be exact.  Wow!  It’s like summer has hit and I don’t have time for anything else (i.e. blogging and photography) right now.  I’m sure it’s seasonal and that when it starts getting cold outside again then things will settle down, but I feel bad that I’m leaving my blog behind.  Anywho….

My last picture was guessed correctly.  Congrats, lisacng!  It was a light, the bulb of a flood light to be exact.

As a side note, I really like the bokeh effect that I got in my picture.  I didn’t even realize it until I was uploading it to post.


Now on to this week’s photo.  What do you think it might be?


Let me know your best guesses and then click the button below to participate or guess other photos!