Feeling the pressure

It’s only day 2 of NaBloPoMo and I’m already feeling the panic of ‘I’m not going to make it all month!’  How can that be?  I guess it stems from the fact that it really is a habit that I’m trying to fall back into.  I used to be good at updating my blog.  Then things got busy….I got tired of having to google my questions every time I wanted to post something…..and one week of not updating turned into two, then three, and then 4 months.  Because of that, it’s easy for ‘updating my blog’ to not even be on my radar of things to get done in a day.

It also really makes me think of how much I need internet at my house.  It’s not always convenient for me to find a place to get on the internet.  Sometimes I can get on at work……but, you know, I have to actually do my job and so I don’t necessarily have time to get online.  My next internet source is at my parents’ house, but it’s not always convenient for me to go there.  I haven’t gotten it so far because, being a single homeowner, I believe it’s more important to pay my bills and live a bit comfortably instead of living paycheck-to-paycheck because I just *had* to have internet.

At this point, I really feel like I’m rambling, so I think I’ll stop here.  Hopefully I will be able to carve out more time for my NaBloPoMo posts as the month goes on and it becomes more prevalent in my mind and life.  In the mean time, Happy Writing to all of you and I promise I will be making it around to your blogs ASAP.

4 thoughts on “Feeling the pressure

  1. Hello from one of your Yeah Write rowmates!

    As a librarian, I have to ask – have you looked into getting online at your local public library? You could use their free terminals (if they have them, and they probably do) and let them look up the answers to those questions you’d ordinarily Google. 🙂

    • I think the last time I actually went to the library to use the computer there were 5 stations and it was either a 30 minute or 1 hour time limit. My parents only live 5 miles from my house, so it is actually more convenient to go there. The overall thing is that sometimes it just inconvenient and slightly annoying to have to go anywhere.

  2. Wow! Given that getting on line isn’t that easy for you (pesky work expecting you to actually *work*), it’s really commendable that you’re attempting NaBloPoMo! Keep at it. You’re doing great so far!

  3. Girl, how do you function with no internet at your house?! I’d so much rather go without almost anything else. Last time I was in a financial bind I decided to choose between internet and tv; I picked internet and I’m so glad I did. I admire your discipline and I also think you’re doing great so far!

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