Extreme Couponing…..Sort of.

I add the “sort of” to my title because, while I love using coupons, I am not the type of extreme coupon user that has 2 storage units in the back yard full of all the stuff that I was able to get for cheap (or free) just because I could…..whether I needed it or not.  But I do kind of get a thrill out of manipulating the sales to get a good deal on something.  And so I thought that, for today’s NaBloPoMo entry, I would share my couponing shopping trip that I took this morning.

This picture represents all the stuff that I was able to get for $51.79 at my local Harris-Teeter this morning.  In case you can’t tell from the picture, this is what I got:

1 box of Corn Chex
1 box of Rice Chex
1 box of Honey Nut Chex
1 small bag Kibbles N Bits
12 pack of cans of Diet Dr. Pepper
1 box Kleenex hand towels
5 jars of Ragu Spaghetti Sauce
2 bottles Febreeze fabric refresher
2 cans Febreeze Air Effects freshener
2 boxes of Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups (12 count)
3 boxes of Starbucks Coffee K-Cups (10 count)
1 box Tampax Radiant tampons
2 bags Luden’s Sore Throat Drops
1 bottle Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
1 bottle Johnson & Johnsons Head to Toe baby wash
2 bottles of Coffeemate Pumpkin Spice Creamer
1 Crest ProHealth toothpaste
1 Aquafresh Extreme clean toothpaste
2 bags Nestle Tollhouse Semi-sweet morsels
2 bags Nestle Tollhouse Milk Chocolate morsels

I will admit that there were a few things that I didn’t need, but the things that I don’t need were either free or cheap and they do serve a purpose.  For example, the Johnson & Johnson baby wash…..I don’t have a baby, but I do have a 7 week old niece.  After being on sale and using the coupon, I got this item for $0.25!  If my brother and sister-in-law don’t need it, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have at my house or to take to my parents’ house in case it would ever be needed when babysitting, etc.  Another thing that I don’t need are the 2 tubes of toothpaste that I got.  However, after sale price and coupons, I got both of those items completely free.  I’ll be making up some shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child in the next few weeks and plan on using those in my boxes.

I was definitely most excited about the K-cups that I got on this trip.  The Green Mountain brand are normally $9.45 per box and I got them for $4.97 per box and the Starbucks cups are normally $10.39 per box and I got them for $3.99 per box.  If I would have bought them at the regular price, then my total for just the coffee would’ve only been about $1.50 less than what my entire total was this trip.

To wrap it up, when looking at my receipt, my original total was $156.77.  The total dropped down to 108.01 when all of the VIC savings (these are the store’s weekly sales/specials) were applied.  And then I used my coupons….which the store was tripling coupons up to $1.00….and got my final total of $51.79.  As the cashier hands me my receipt, she said, “you saved $104 today.”  I will admit that those words brought a satisfied smile to my face.

4 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing…..Sort of.

  1. I’m considering getting into couponing. It seems like such a commitment though. Nice work!

    I had such a hard time finding your most recent posts. Your website isn’t super user-friendly. I know that sounds jerky, but I don’t mean it that way at all. The key to getting people to come and stay is ease of use. I can make some suggestions, if you’re interested.


  2. Wow! That’s a lot of savings. I always feel like I should *try* to get into couponing because, you know, why not save $100 on groceries? But I never seem to be able to pull it off. I usually wind up with a pile of coupons for products I shouldn’t be buying in the first place. Like, “Ooooh! Fifty percent off a giant tub ice cream! Wait… I appreciate a half price gallon of ice cream as much as the next person but do I really want to put myself in a position where I will inevitably shovel down an entire gallon of ice cream? Also know what costs less than a half price gallon of ice cream? Not buying a gallon of ice cream.”

  3. Wow! That’s impressive! I used to coupon, especially when I was in college — 10 things of ramen for $1? I’m in! I was obsessive about it, but not extreme. I just had to make sure I got the Sunday paper every week.

    Then I got sick and my husband had to do the shopping (still does), and he told me to stop cutting coupons because he didn’t want to carry them around in his wallet. I sometimes miss it, though.

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