Today is definitely Monday

As a rule, Mondays usually suck.  It’s not their fault and there’s not much that Monday can do to make me like it better, but we all know that Monday is a dreaded day.  Why?  Because that’s when the majority of us are forced to leave our relaxed, do things for ourselves (or our families) mindsets and return to the drudgery of “everyday life.”  Whether it’s ruled by our jobs or getting kids here or there, we have all – at some point – dreaded Monday.

Occassionally Monday will pleasantly surprise me by not being so bad.  I’ll have a nice drive to work, the people I encounter there will be mostly civil, and I’ll think to myself “this was a good day.”  But, today?  Monday, November 5, 2012?  Not so much.

I wake up this morning, look towards my window, and this is my inner dialogue:  “Man, it seems really bright outside.  But the time did change, so there will be more light.  But that looks like a lot of light.  What time is it?”  I stretch out of bed to look at my alarm clock (which, by the way, is actually in my bathroom to ensure that I actually do get out of bed instead of just continually hitting the snooze button), and see that it is 7:52 am.  Crap.

While still in bed, I quickly grab my phone to text a co-worker and tell her my plight so that nobody wonders if I’ve been in a wreck or am in the hospital.  Luckily the shower was taken the night before, so all I have to do is run a straightener over my hair, brush my teeth, and get dressed.  I quickly make a cup of coffee…..a 24 oz cup…..and out the door I go.

Work has been much of the same.  Annoying person after annoying person.  People who are difficult.  People who don’t care that the problem your trying to rectify is something that was caused by a person who made a mistake 26 years ago and you’re doing everything that you can to help them.  People that want to continue to talk to you for 45 minutes and tell you every detail of their situation even though you’ve told them that you have nothing to do with deciding their case.  People that don’t understand that the law does suck sometimes and all you can do is follow the instructions you’re given.

Yes, today is definitely Monday.


3 thoughts on “Today is definitely Monday

  1. 24 ounce cup of coffee? I LIKE YOU. 🙂 I’m not that into Mondays, but Tuesdays used to be my worst days, always. I’d be like, “today is the WORST DAY! Wait–what day is it?” and it was always Tuesday. Thursday is my favorite day of the week. Feels like a weekend to me, but if you go places, it’s not Friday-Saturday crowded.

    Found you via Yeah write!

  2. Yeah, Mondays are rough. And any day is rough when you wake up late and start it feeling frazzled and not on your game. So it sounds like you had kind of a Super Monday, if you will.

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