I didn’t want to write a research paper

As I sat down to write today, I didn’t have anything particularly interesting or profound to talk about so I thought to myself, “I’ll go find one of those blog topic generators that I’ve read about and try that!”  Off to Google I go, ready to find the generator that will give me the perfect random blog topic.  Or so I thought.

I click the link for the first return on my google search of “blog topic generator” and am directed here.  I go ahead and leave the category set to ‘all’ and click the button anticipating what it might be.  My most embarassing moment?  My favorite subject in high school?  A funny family story?  No.  Not even close.  My first result?  Polymers.  Other than remembering that polymers are some type of science-related thing, I have no clue what they are or what their function is…so I won’t be writing about polymers today (please hide your disappointment).

I ask the site to generate another topic and this time I get ‘the double helix.’  Once again, I know that the double helix is referring to DNA.  I could possibly write about how I love watching CSI and how they act out the testing of DNA on the show, but I’m really not well versed in my scientific knowledge of it.

Not believing the generator could strike out a third time, I ask for another topic.  This time I get ‘creating an environment that welcomes art in young children.’  Really?  I mean, I’m sure that doing this is a good thing and there are people who exist that could give you a list of exactly the way to do this (for example, a preschool art teacher), but I am not one of those people.  Strike three.

And yet, I still ask for a fourth topic.  Topic number four is ‘lying to your kids.’  This is the first reasonable topic that I’ve gotten and I could probably come up with something okay to say about it.  However, I don’t have kids.  So while I could come up with something, it probably wouldn’t be that great seeing as I have no personal experience in the subject.

Just for kicks I asked for one more topic and get ‘space station technology.’  I know that there is a space station and that’s pretty much where my knowledge ends on that one.  But I did finally get an idea of what to blog about today….

So thank you, horrible blog topic generator, for being so bad that I could write about you.  Don’t worry, though…..if I ever get the urge to pretend like I’m in school again by writing a research paper, I’ll come straight to you.

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