Slow Down, Life

I feel like the last 3-4 days have passed by in a hazy blur. This is both good and bad. I do like being busy sometimes, and then it hits the point where life just seems to be more exhausting than enjoyable.

An example of the exhausting part? I fell asleep on Sunday afternoon for three hours. I wake up thinking ‘great…I’ll never fall asleep tonight.’ Wrong! I passed out on my couch around 11:00pm, finally woke up enough to go get in bed around 5:00 am, where I continued to sleep until 10:00 am. That’s 14 hours of sleep over a 21 hour time period!

So, basically, my Friday and Saturday were so full and tiring that I ended up sleeping through a good part of Sunday and Monday. I will say that I was thankful for the sleep because 1) I obviously needed it and 2) I normally have things to do so I don’t have the luxury of that much sleep.

One thing that I do feel bad about, though, is that I’ve been a terrible rowmie on my NaBloPoMo grid these past few days. I’ve been lucky to get a post of my own up on some of these days, so I’ve definitely ignored my fellow bloggers. Hopefully things will slow down a little as this week progresses. Forgive me if I comment bomb some of your blogs as I work to catch up!

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