10k Runner

I’ve talked about my jogging habit a bit on here, but haven’t gone into lots of detail. Back in January, I started the couch to 5k program doing my runs on the treadmill. I finished the program in March and started getting ready for my first 5k in April. Transferring from the treadmill to running outside was seriously hard. Because of that, I quickly began to dislike it and after my 5k I stopped.

In June, a friend started talking about the program and we decided to start it from the beginning. This time, we would do it outside so that we wouldn’t have that hard transition. Running outside during a southern summer….what were we thinking? Despite the humidity, we kept at it until we finished the program and then we did a 5k.

Afterwards, I wanted to keep the discipline of jogging in my life. I first thought about training for a half marathon. Then I thought that I might want to ease into it a little better, so I decided to do the training for a 10k. I had used the 5k runner app during my earlier training, so I got the 10k app by the same company. I’ve really enjoyed it so far and love seeing how I can push my body to do more than I thought it could.

To close this out, I wanted to share some pictures and say that I also really like that the app has quotes & bits of encouragement. Even the app’s loading page is encouraging. I mean…who wouldn’t want to jog for 60 minutes after seeing this? Right?



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