Three Things

Well, actually, it’s six things.

As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I saw a tweet that my wonderful rowmie Louise sent containing the link to a list of 130 journal (or blog) topics. One of them was “Three things that went right (or wrong) today.” I decided to list three of each.

Wrong: I arrived at my brother & sister-in-law’s house this morning to drop off my dog (yes, I have an extremely spoiled pet) and realize that my key ring, which includes the key to their house, is in the pocket of my pants that I wore yesterday. Ugh.

Right: I walk up to the front door and my sister-in-law is actually sitting in their living room and was able to let me in. You see, with the fairly new baby, both of them are normally sleeping when I come by.

Wrong: I was late for work.

Right: My morning session of court ended up being all conferencing between the attorneys & judges, so I was able to get my office work done.

Right: My afternoon session of court ended early and I was able to leave and get my jog in before it got dark.

Wrong: It’s starting to get colder outside which means my jogging pace is lagging. :/

And one more just to end on a good note…

Right: I got to hear (for the first time) my 2 month old niece laugh today. So cute!

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