Always in the Back of my Mind….

I’ve been horrible about blogging.  I did SO well at the beginning of last year.  So well, in fact, that I worked up the nerve to actually pay for a domain name and web hosting.  But wouldn’t you know that, as soon as I did, life got busier and a blog was no longer the priority.

I’ve tried here and there to pick it back up, only it doesn’t always happen like I want it too.  But it is always in the back of my mind because there are things that I would like to write about, little weekly blog events that I would like to participate in.

Because of my lack of consistent use, I have decided to let the .com domain name and everything go and move everything back here.  In fact, I’ve already transferred all of my posts from there to here (the perks of using WordPress software).  So, any and all future posts will be here now.

I’m playing with the site a lot.  I’m trying to find a look/layout that I like, so you may see something new and different with each post, who knows?  Anywho, stay tuned for what will hopefully be more frequent updates. 🙂