Doesn’t feel like a holiday

I was noticing today how it doesn’t even feel like tomorrow is a holiday and I’m not really sure why.

Is it because life is so busy that a relaxing holiday just doesn’t seem to fit? Is it because we are now a society more focused on the day after thanksgiving instead of the day itself? Even worse, is it because we’re so focused on the deals that stores are no longer waiting until Friday to open, but encroaching on the holiday instead?

I think these are all big factors that add to the feeling that Thanksgiving is more of a chore than a holiday. We have to go spend time with our families. We have to spend half of the day cooking. What ever happened to wanting to do those things. Now it seems that all we want to do is map out our plan of attack for obtaining every good buy to be had.

My family is doing things a little different this year. After eating with my dad’s family like we normally do, we’re taking a mini vacation together. Six adults, two children and two dogs spending 3 days in one condo together. Now that is what this time of year should be about.

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