One of those days

Today wasn’t really a bad day, it was just kind of a blah day. It was one of those days when I got to 5:30 pm and just felt annoyed. That just shouldn’t happen. That’s when I should feel relieved because work is done for the day.

Anyway. I went to church tonight to help with the Operation Christmas Child drop-off. We collected 94 boxes from the community tonight. That makes a total of about 525 over the last 3 nights.

Finally, I want to make another apology on the NaBloPoMo front. The whole no internet thing has been hitting me this week and all my posts are a result of my WordPress app on my phone. Again, I’m hoping life slows down and I can rectify this…because trying to type a post on my phone’s touch screen is getting old fast (which is why they’re a bit short as well).

One thought on “One of those days

  1. Miranda, that’s awesome! The boxes, I mean. Don’t worry about NaBloPoMo — it’s for fun, right? If I had to post FROM MY PHONE I would post never ever ever. I don’t even like to comment on other people’s blogs from my phone because I feel that a typo is likely. And then what would happen? (Picture my little world crashing to pieces, etc.) See you tomorrow!

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